A diplomat at-large is someone specially appointed to complete a specific task or mission within a foreign country or territory on behalf of their state. Famous people are often rewarded the title of “Diplomat At-Large’ because their wealth and social status allow them to conduct critical missions in other countries.

Of course, you probably won’t be fortunate enough to receive an honorary “Diplomat At-Large” title on a silver platter. Instead, you must understand and experience the honorary diplomatic appointment process for the position you would like to receive. It will require you to apply for the appointment of your choice.

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Let us examine the top three Diplomats At-Large positions and how you can be appointed to them.


How to Become a Diplomat At Large

The Ambassador-At-Large is not the same as the  Ambassador because the Ambassador-At-Large does not receive a permanent appointment in a foreign country or territory. Their appointment is to a specific mission rather than a location. Therefore, the Ambassador-At-Large may move to multiple countries and territories if the travel relates to the same mission. The State Department or Ministry of Foreign Affairs is usually the government entity that appoints people to Ambassador At-Large positions. The ideal applicants must possess special skills, education, work experience, and other critical credentials that make them invaluable for the mission. Successfully appointed applicants will receive a diplomatic passport that is good for five years.

Special Envoy

A Special Envoy position is a more general appointment than an Ambassador-At-Large position. However, both positions are similar because Special Envoys are sent on specific missions, the same as Ambassadors At-Large. The envoys just don’t have as formal of a title.

Special Envoys will receive a diplomatic passport from the state that is good for ten years. They may also receive visa-free travel in some areas for a specific period, such as 90 or 180 days. It all depends on the length and location of their mission.

Honorary Consul

An Honorary Consul position allows you to remain in your country, town, or city during the appointment process. It is more of a ceremonial title, where the Honorary Consul can serve as a part-time diplomatic volunteer in another country or territory.

The sending state will issue a diplomatic passport to the accepted applicant, but the receiving state must issue an Exequatur to the applicant before they can serve. An Exequatur is an official recognition of the receiving state that the applicant has been accepted to fulfil specific diplomatic duties.

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